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India, one of the "oldest civilization on the earth” has rich cultural and natural heritage.

This vast country spreaded between The Himalaya in the north and Indian Ocean in the south, extraordinary landmass of Rann of Kutchh and Thar dessert in the west and the pristine rain forests in the east and North East, has unique diversity of nature.

Reason being people, culture, language, religion, customs, lifestyle and music are different in all parts of the country.

Indian landscape consists of the highest mountain range with several 8000 meters’ peaks, River basins of several famous rivers like Ganges, Brahamaputra, Indus, Thar dessert, Central Indian Plateau, forests, coastal hills, riverine island and vast seascape dotted with emerald green islands.
Due to the diverse eco system, India is the treasure trove of wildlife.
Otherelements of India’s uniqueness include sculpture, art forms, various fairs and festivals, different tribes residing in different area that has retained their ancient culture.

Endless photographic scopes and diversified subjects have made this country a top of the priority list for the photographers. Eminent photographers from the different field of photography craft itinerary for the photographers.