Day 1: Guwahati Airport to Itanagar

Arrival at Guwahati Airport and Drive to Itanagar. The land of the dawnlit mountains, Itanagar, Arunachal’s capital, is also its biggest town. Overnight stay at Hotel Arun Subansiri or equiv at Itanagar.


Day 2: Itanagar

Excursions around Itanagar. The Jawaharlal Nehru Museum has archaeological finds from Ita Fort to which you can trek up. Housed here is also an interesting collection of arts and crafts, jewellery, textiles and a variety of tribal headgear, which gives you an insight into Arunachal’s tribal culture. You might stumble upon some of the Nyishi tribals who live around here. You’ll recognize them by their massive knot of hair rolled into a bun over their forehead. In their headdress they wear feathers of the great hornbill, Arunachal’s signature bird. 6 km away is the picturesque setting of Ganga Lake ( Gekar Sinyi). Overnight stay at Itanagar.


Day 3: Itanagar to Ziro

Drive to Ziro, 200 km from Itanagar. Situated on the Apatani Plateau ( in the lower Subansiri region) and surrounded by pine mantled hills all around it, is the district headquarter of upper Subansiri. Ziro is a tourist’s delight with its dazzling landscapes and tribal culture. Overnight stay at Hotel Blue Pine or equiv.


Day 4: Ziro

Excursions from Ziro.

            Ziro is the home of Apatani Tribes. The Apatanis are one of the most advanced and intriguing of Arunachal’s tribal people. Both men and women tattoo themselves and the women are distinctive with their great nose plugs (dat) made of bamboo and face tattoos. It has now been banned. The Apatanis grow rice by terrace farming; they also have created an indigenous irrigation system which is unique amongst the Arunachal tribals.


Visit Tarin, the high-altitude fish farm and the craft center. Also visit The Apatani village comprising of long rows of houses with a fertility totem in front of each one. In their cooking, they use an indigenous herbal salt that’s rich in iodine. Living in perfect harmony with nature, for every tree they fell, five fresh saplings are planted. The weaving skills of their women are legendary as can be seen from the wonderful Jikhe pattern, woven jackets and intricately patterned Jilang shawls. The men are skilled in metallurgy and bamboo craft.

Day 5: Ziro to Daporizo

Drive to Daporizo. Home to the Tagin, Hill Miri and Adi tribes, Daporijo is a fairly large village town located at the confluence of the Sippi and Subansiri rivers. The 160 km ride to Daporijo will take six hours. Stay at Hotel Shenjan or equiv.


Day 6: Daporizo to Along

Drive to Along. Along is a small town surrounded by small beautiful villages. Along located at a distance of 178 km from Daporijo is the district headquarter of West Siang district. It is situated on the south bank of the river Yongo and Patum bridge over Yongo river, Museum are the places of tourist interest. Overnight stay at Holiday Cottage or equiv.


Day 7: Along to Passighat

Drive to Passighat. Pasighat is Arunachal’s oldest town and also the district headquarter of East Siang. The turbulent Siang river races across the district heading for the plains, where it is met by the Dihing and Lohit rivers, and then roars into Assam as the mighty Brahmaputra. Overnight stay at Oman Hotel or equiv.


Day 8: Passighat

Excursions from Passighat. The region is the home of Adi tribe who are remembered for their colourful Ponung dance. The archaeological site of Malinithan (100 km) is linked to the legend of Lord Krishna and his wife Rukmini, according to ancient Hindu myths. This is a sacred place for Vaishnavites. Overnight stay at Pasighat.


Day 9: Passighat to Dibrugarh

Drive to Dibrugarh , will take minimum 8 hrs. On arrival check into Hotel Rajawas or equiv. Overnight stay at Dibrugarh.


Day 10: Dibrugarh Airport

Transfer to Dibrugarh Airport. Boarding flight. Tour ends.