Arunachal Pradesh, one of the most sparsely populated states of India, covers an area of 83743 sq. Kms. Being situated in the North-Eastern part of India with 83743 sq. kms area, Arunachal has a long international border with Bhutan to the west (160 km), China to the north and north-east (1,080 km) and Myanmar to the east (440 km). It stretches from snow-capped mountains in the north to the plains of Brahmaputra valley in the south.

Its virgin isolation, due to restricted entry regulations has been a blessing in disguise as Arunachal still retains its centuries old pristine vistas, diverse tribal heritage and unpolluted geographical features.

Strung out along the misty hill tops and deep valleys, Arunachal’s picturesque townships and villages are the first in the land to be kissed by the rays of the morning sun giving Arunachal its unique position as literally ‘the land of the rising sun’.

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Important Places

Nameri TR West Arunachal

This 200 Sq. Km. National Park is the continuation of The Pakhui (Pakke) Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh. Pakke borders the Northern boundary of the Park. Being located on the foothills of Eastern Himalaya, the park contains some of the remarkable landscapes of all the National Park of Assam. In any clear day you can enjoy the great grasslands, semi evergreen forests and snowcapped peaks together from the bank of river Jiabhorelli.
Nameri is considered to be one of the best destinations for sighting of Hornbills, Capped langur, Elephants, Ibisbill, Goosender, Sultantip, & many other important and desired wildlife species.
One can see and photograph the critically endangered & ellusive White winged wood duck.

Bhalukpong West Arunachal

Dotted along the foothills dividing Assam and Arunachal, Bhalukpong is famous for its orchid centre, Angling, wildlife and river rafting. It is one of the main entry points to Pristine Arunachal. Tipi, 6 km further from Bhalukpong is famed for its orchidarium enriched with numerous varieties of native orchid and its cutflower experiments. River Kameng (also known locally as Jiabharli) flowing all along Bhalukpong makes the place the ideal one far from the madding crowd. The Altitude is 213m / 699 ft. and the distance is 242 km from Guwahati. 

Bomdila West Arunachal

Bomdila is the country of clouds. Cloud dominates the panorama of Bomdila with their innumerous figures changing almost every minute and their very own rich stock of pastel makes the sky an colourful extravaganza. The lower Monastery in Bomdila is a place to visit. Bomdila is also famous for its craft centre enriched with beautiful handicrafts by the tribes. 

Dirang West Arunachal

At a distance of around 144 km from Bhalukpong Dirang is a tiny town famous for Hot spring, Monasteries, Sheep Breeding Farm and the National Yak Research & Breeding Center at Nigmadung. The entire place is surrounded by apple & kiwi orchards and the atmosphere is picturesque. Sangti valley which is just 9 kms away is famous for Siberian Black Necked Storks who visit this place during winter.

Tawang West Arunachal

Nested in the mystic lap of Himalayas at an height of 3500 meters lies Tawang – the beautiful land of Monpas. A dramatic drive through mesmeric alpine country from Dirang would take you to this place. The sinuous road to Tawang passes through the dragon gates on the awesome heights of the great SELA PASS (13714 ft). Jaswantgarh located here is a memorial to the brave soldier who single handedly tried to hold the approaching Chinese from the pass during the 1962 Indo-Chinese war. The stupa – like Tawang War Memorial also salutes the heroes of the war. The famous Tawang Monastery against the dramatic setting of the snow – mantled peaks would certainly linger in memory while back home. The stunning 8 mtr high gilded statue of Buddha dominates the sanctum.The Tawang Monastery is supposed to be the second biggest just after Lhasa’s Potala.The Nunneries, the place for the Anis, as the nuns are called is another place of attraction around Tawang. The craft centre in Tawang sells beautiful masks, hand-woven carpets, tangkhas, jewelleries and other delightfully affordable memories.

Bum La Pass West Arunachal

The Bum La Pass is located about 37 km away from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, at the Indo-China border, 15,200 ft above sea level. It has secured its place in Indian history due to many historical events happened around. This is the route from where Dalai Lama entered India.
Sangestar Tso lake and its sorrounding is itself a pleasure to watch. You will find a heap of stones where tourists place pebbles as a tribute to the Indian Army. Also find one of the four Indo-China Border Meeting Personnel points here.

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