Welcome to India

the country of rich cultural heritage and amazing bio diversity.

The warm sunrays through the tropical rain forests of Andamans or the snow capped mountains of the mighty Himalaya, the golden and silver beaches on the Indian Ocean, or the riot of colour over the Thar desert in Rajasthan, the monument of love Taj Mahal at Agra or the backwater trip in Kerala, living with villagers in the land of Buddha in Sikkim or drifting through numerous birding paradises all over the country, or sailing through the biggest mangrove ecosystem in the world , The Sundarbans, habitat for famous man eating Royal Bengal tigers, the invaluable handicrafts or the rich fragrance of music, rafting along the mighty Himalayan rivers or leisure in the coconut groove , all such bear the sign of a Must Visit Destination and that is our Incredible India.

Call her the Tiger Land or call her the Beach Country, name her as the mystic country of the Himalaya or try to explore the colour of her widespread forests and wildlife, India will always appear with her vast palate of cheerful life brimming with amazing contrast. Experience the visual extravaganza before you plan to travel to India.