The Great Migration | Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru


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Text : Archana Daga

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Images : Krishna Daga

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Image © Siddhartha Goswami

What started off as quite a bumpy ride from Mumbai to Nairobi due to the misplaced luggage by the airline turned out to be a fun adventure for the whole of the next week. The journey started off on 9th August 2018 from Mumbai to Rwanda and then the next stop was Nairobi with Siddhartha Goswami as our mentor. The first leg of this adventure was to be Lake Nakuru National Park which is roughly a three hour drive from the airport. Unfortunately we missed the first day of the afternoon game safari at Lake Nakuru due to the mishap of luggage and spent most of the time at airport sorting that out. Upon leaving the airport we were introduced to the team and Joseph who was our safari driver cum tour guide. Upon arrival at the Lake Nakuru Lodge we received a warm welcome by the team and since it was already quite late and we were all tired from the long journey, we immediately had our dinner and called it a night looking forward to the early morning adventure the next day.

Our game drive next morning started off at 6 am after we had our breakfast and what followed was an overwhelming day full of surprising wildlife. Lake Nakuru is a sanctuary well known for Rothschild Giraffe, black and white rhino and leopard along with its magnificent birdlife, beautiful scenery and an array of wildlife. The highlight of this day was spotting two lionesses sitting under the shade on a rock and Flamingos. Rest of the day was spent trying to spot and photograph different wildlife species and understanding more about their habitat. We returned back to the lodge late in the evening and thankfully found our luggage too.

Next day we spent few hours at Lake Nakuru spotting some more of wildlife and then left for Lake Naivasha on our way to Masaimara. At Lake Naivasha, also known as the “hippo lake”,we took a boat ride and spotted a sizeable population of hippos as well as well as some native birds like Pelicans,African Fish Eagles, Yellow Billed Stork and Egyptian Geese amongst many other exotic birds. After this hour long boat ride, we headed over to our camp at Masaimara which was a 7 hour long drive and reached Enkorok Camp, our home for rest of the trip.

The next five days were spent appreciating magnificent landscape of MasaiMara and chasing the rich game reserve of the Mara Triangle for the perfect sighting and photography. As was assured, we enjoyed the sighting of “BIG FIVE”. We had the opportunity to witness a group of Lionesses and their cubs enjoying a fresh kill of wildebeest. We also had the chance to see a group of six cheetahs playfully engaged with each other. Topi, jackal, gazelles, spotted hyena,eland, vultures and ostrich are amongst many other birds and animals spotted. Not to forget the enormous herds of Wildebeests, zebras and buffalos everywhere,mostly captured grazing and migrating in big herds toward the Mara or the Talek river.

On the fourth day of our adventure, we decided to take a hot air balloon to get a birds eye view of the Mara. We started off in the wee hours of the morning and spent an hour and a half silently floating over the savannah drifting with the wind, overlooking the plains, just in time to experience a breathtaking sunrise and catch a bird’s eye view of the herds of zebra, wildebeests and buffalos followed by a bubbly breakfast in the middle of the reserve. It was a perfect end to an extraordinary and serene safari experience.

This trip offered us an enriching opportunity to experience the great wildlife and migration like we have never seen before. We would like to thank Mr. Siddhartha Goswami and Wandervogel Adventures for making this trip one of the most memorable experiences.